A Survival Experience

A simple Minecraft survival server designed around the player



Welcoming Environment

At KC Survival, all players are welcome. We promote a family friendly environment where players can simply play, free from harassment.

Enhanced Experience

Featuring land claims, teleports and RTP, players experience survival minecraft with modern conveniences.

Adult Management

KC Survival is owned and managed by adults with an emphasis on fairness and inclusion.

Community Driven

Community imput is important to us. Any player can submit a suggestion to be voted on. All player suggestions are considered with most community ideas being implemented.

Server Rules

Be Respectful

Respect other players, staff and the server as a whole

No Spam

No chat spam, message spam or griefing. We strive to maintain an annoyance-free environment

No Advertising

We don't appreciate it when players advertise other minecraft servers on our server. Please don't advertise for others without permission

No Cheating

This is a survival server. Don't ruin it by cheating. Don't ruin it by cheating for others